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Spam Solution Plugin

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Are you bother from spam on your classifieds? Let Spam Solution Plugin solve your problem with spam, bots and duplicate posters! 

Compatibility: 3.0 - 3.x (latest)

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Spam Solution plugin is premium plugin for osclass that helps you protect your site from spam and abusive content in many ways. Provides protection against:

  • spamming bots
  • people posting still same listings
  • people with words you would like to ban


Plugin features

  • Protection against spam bots via different background tasks that bots needs to go through
  • No spam in new listings, comments (save your time) and your users will not be attacked by spam from contact form
  • Option to check existing listings for duplicates and banned words
  • Will raise reputation of your website since it will be spam free and easy to use, good looking and user friendly
  • You will have detail control what is posted on your site, what you want to block/ban/disable/mark as spam or delete
  • Everything is made for easy use and you can also delete spam by email or banned word
  • Your site will not have duplicate listings - higher rank (no duplicates = higher site reputation on Google), less resources to run classified and more user friendly website
  • No need to use recaptcha and limit & bother your users with rewriting images
  • No registration and validation needed at all

Duplicate listings control 

  • active control for newly added listings if there does not already exists very similar listing
  • select what you want to do with duplicate listing: delete or mark as spam 
  • set percentage of similarity that is acceptable for you, listings with higher similarity will be taken as duplicate
  • control of existing listings in your store
  • option to delete/block/deactivate/mark as spam all listings by their contact email, so no need to do everything manually

Anti-Bot control

Provide many ways of checking if user is bot or not on new listings, new comments and item contact form

  • when bot is detected, you can choose if you want to ban it or only delete listing/comment it posted
  • if bot is detected and should be banned, you can choose if you want to ban whole bot IP submask or only particular IP. This is usefull since each bot is changing fourth triple in it's IP address and may not be banned effectively only by IP
  • option to check user email and IP with spam list on
  • email control by uppercase letters and numbers in email
  • control user by their referal url
  • multi JavaScript control by placing users (bots) jQuery tasks - 4 ways of controls, regular user cannot see those forms so cannot change anything.
    - bots usually do not have JavaScript working so they cannot go through this control
    - required inputs they are not hidden cheat the bot to fill this field and block it
    - datetime control with bot locale
  • you can enter email domains you want to ban permanently (i.e. or domains you are getting too many spam from users (not bots, usually people from India)
  • control email by how many dots is in email name 
  • you can deny/control multiple user account registration from same IP address

Bad words control

  • option to enter list of bad words that can annoy or offend someone (i.e. d*ck, b*tch...)
  • every letter in bad world will be replaced with *  (d*ck as bad word >> Charles Dickens is in title >> Final Result: Charles ****ens)

Ban words control

  • option to enter list of banned words, so when used in title or description, they will be taken as spam and deleted (listing, comment) + banned (user)
  • fighting with Indian Spammers (they are not bots) will be children toy, example of banned word would be "Vashikaran"
  • Control of existing listings if they contain banned word
  • mass action - you can delete/disable/mark as spam all listings containing any banned word
  • simple action - you can edit/view/delete any particular listing

This plugin use to ban bots and spammers osclass ban list (ban rules), so when you uninstall / reinstall plugin, no data about spammers will be lost!


Customer comments on this product

Unregistered users can ask a question
The great failure of this plugin has - anybody can question registered users! Be sure to introduce re-captcha to add a question ... I do not understand why it is not implemented in this module are paid?
  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
95% less spam
Helped a lot, fight with spam is important especially in classifieds. Thanks for never ending improvements
  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
For me it helped, saving time.
    Very Well
    excellent functionality blocks spam , less work for the administrator .Thanks developer
      ciao ho comprato il plugin
      ho comprato il plugin ....ottimo. lo consiglio a tutti.

      ottimo staff di supporto
        spam protection
        Stoped spam as installation was complete (very easy), helpful support and explanation from this team. Perfect plugin for osclass, nothing better is here. Thanks!
          anti spam
          I bought this plugin, very easy installation, suitable for any novice. I got blocked 2 spam bots and about 10 users for first 2 days. I have checked them in detail and they were spammers - strange emails etc...
          Hope it will save me hours of cleaning my site from spam every day.
          Wish you all the best, thanks frosticek for perfect support as well
          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
          block spam
          I think most necessary plugin as after installing did not get no spam (150 spam listings per day before), very satisfied.
            Mr. Plugin
            I wish there will be more and more work from you miso, amazing job with this spam module, helped me so much. Love you :-*
              What is spam?
              No spam from installation minute, first I was just marking as spam and then manually deleting, but it has no reason and just loosing time so now plugin delete any spam immediately, saving my life :)
                no spam anymore
                working really good, thanks for that
                  most useful plugin
                  working 100%
                    Very satisfied
                    - plugin works great
                    - super easy installation
                    - great support
                    - no spam receiving from install

                    Thanks for this tool
                      satisfied with purchase
                      good plugin with nice functions, has reduced my everyday work with deleting spam for more than 90%
                        Nice plugin
                        I got everything I expected
                          review to spam plugin
                          1. Block every bot
                          2. Work 100%
                          3. Better than any reCaptcha
                          4. Further development
                          5. classifieds free of spam
                          6. no empty registrations
                          7. permanent ban makes site faster because there is less request (I had 2 request per second from China before)

                          You have my admiration.
                            Spam is out
                            No comments, blocked everything and got me out of spam.
                              Block everythings, heh, like it.
                              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                              Plugin Review
                              This is my first purchase from MB themes, so I did not expected something special. But it is not true, this plugin is perfectly mad (design / functions), everything works for me. Most important, bots are going to be banned and everyday I only see there are few other bots banned on ban list... Really good.
                              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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                              Spam Solution Plugin

                              Spam Solution Plugin

                              Are you bother from spam on your classifieds? Let Spam Solution Plugin solve your problem with spam, bots and duplicate posters! 

                              Compatibility: 3.0 - 3.x (latest)

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