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How to start classified website

There are few helpful ideas that can help everyone to start and boost it's classified website and finally, earn some money from it. Remember that this only suggestion and doing themself do not have to bring desired effect.


1. Nice look of your classifieds

First important point is to have nice looking website with all functionalities your users could need. Please forget on classifieds design like craigslist, you will never successfully run your own website with similar design. Remember that this website was started 20 years ago, in this time similar design (easy blue) was very popular and modern. Nowadays you need to get your users with something extra, that looks good, user's eyes will like it, everything will be simple (post listing, contact seller) and people will like to go back.

Some important points

  1. You are doing your website for users, not for you! Do not use 2-colors design that is darker
  2. Light and bright colors are more user-friendly
  3. Design cannot be ultra-modern, people do not like it at all. You are not doing website for engineers but for simple people
  4. Choose best compromise between modern design and usability

On the other hand, your classified should not be super modern made in HTML5 and CSS3 only. Do not forget that people who will post listings on your web (and you need them!) are simple people with basic knowledge about computers and internet itself. It is higly probable that your design would not work on older web browsers and they would see page broken. You must make everything user-friendly, take your grandma to have a look on your website if she can find everything you tell her. If yes, you got it. Everything in classified design is about compromise and that is why MB Themes with our themes are here:

and one theme for Auction WeBid Script (Bidding system):


2. Spam-free listings

Next very important point is to have classified without spam. Means when user starts to browse what is on your web, he must get only valuable information - it is better to have less listings without spam as to have many listings with few non-spam ads! Usual is also problem with duplciate listings that are posted by individual users they advertise something or they need to sell stuff very fast.

Spamming bots are also very annoying and will bring nothing good and valuable to your site. They are looking for classified website where they can place listings (spam) every day, where email used is randomly generated and IP address of bots is changed in every visit. Means that efectively block bots is big task.

Controling whole classified is very difficult and unacceptable for larger sites and it cannot be done manually. For this reason we have created following plugin:

This plugin si fully automatic and you do not need to take any action to clear & protect your website from all kinds of spam and bots


3. Improve SEO for your classified

You cannot forget on SEO anytime, keep in mind that Search Engine Optimized classified website will bring most of unique visits & users that will build your website. Simply you need people that will post new listings on your website, you cannot be successful without them. Importance of SEO is in position of your listing in in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Highly ranked your classfied is, on higher positions your listings will be shown in search engines.

What you need to optimize?
There is many you need to think on:

  • Meta Title, Description and Keywords - will affect what will be shown in search engine. You need  to show users that browse search results only valuable informations so they will click on your link
  • Order of of your Information in Title - long classified name would overflow information that may user looks for
  • Title and Description of categories and pages - sometime it is not profitable to place in title same as is name of category / page
  • Friendly URL - have friendly and easy-to-remember URLs is basic of good SEO
  • Sitemap - you should send information about your website also to search engines for faster indexation
You should not make SEO by yourself if you do not understand to it on 100%, because with bad Search Engine Optimization you get be punished by Google (Yahoo, Bing, ...) and it takes a lot of time and effort get you from sandbox of search engine. We provide SEO Solution for classfied (osclass) as a plugin, it is bundle of everything you need to have for good SEO.

4. Post listings by yourself

Most important point is: Noone will post listing to empty classified. This is why you need to post listings to your classified when you are starting it. 

How to do this if you do not have anything to sell?

  1. Find classified with similar thematic to yours
  2. This website must be dedicated for your region
  3. Start to copy listings from this site to yours
    • Do not create duplicates!
    • Edit Title and Description so it will be not same to original listing
    • Search Engines will not take you as duplicator
    • Try to upload also images, listings with images are 7x more successful than without images
    • It is better to have images without watermark of original website
  4. You should post every day 10 or more listings
  5. Your point is not to post many listings at once, but do it continuously so your website will grow and you will have many listings in long-term
  6. Classified you are starting will be shown in Search Engines and users will visit it more regulary
  7. If your site looks nice and is easy to use, people will start to post listings here
You should do this regulary every day for time you will see it is useless because there are many listings every day. Remember to delete all spam!

Useful tips

Translate OSclass

OSclass has perfect solution for translation, you only need to download free software Poedit and translate whole classified to your language. It is fast and easy, you do not need any special knowledge to do this. 
You can find on following link whole guide for translation. If there is not created catalog (.po and .mo files), you can find easy-to-do manual how to create poedit catalog, remember that osclass uses functions __ and _e for strings you need to translate.

Execution time reached 

With specific plugins or themes you may get error that execution time of server was reached. This means that some of php scripts reached maximum time set on server and you need to raise it via admin panel. This occurs usually with some plugins that can be pretty time-consuming. 

Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted

This problem is similar to above one, usually plugins sometimes need more memory for bigger operations and you need to increate maximum memory allowed in you admin paned. You can find tips increasing memory allocated to PHP. Such a plugin can be Radius Search Plugin that is pretty memory consuming when uploading coordinates to your database. 



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