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Terms and conditions of use

Dear customer,

We do not have thousands of conditions or something like that, there are only few simple rules:

  • you cannot redistribute and resell our products (themes, plugins, packs)
  • you cannot use even part of code
  • you cannot copy parts of design of our themes
  • you cannot publish our products on forums or other websites
  • you cannot use our products using them like parts of your work (i.e. if you offer complete solution for osclass)
  • you are buying license to use only on 1 website, it means that theme or plugin you bought cannot be used on 2 live websites at once

Breaking above listed conditions will lead to blocking your account on, contacting osclass team with same condition, blocking theme / plugin you bought.
You will get no support or update of our products. If you will be still interested in our theme / plugin, you will have to buy it again. Money back guarantee is valid only when there is bug on our product and we are not able to fix it. There must be full cooperation of customer that will follow our steps how to identify and fix error.
It is not possible to return virtual product, only exemption is in case of bug that we are not able to fix.

Life-time support to our themes & plugins

If you got life-time support to our themes & plugins, it means if you want to modify anything and you do not know where to start, only let us now and we will guide you. It is very important to know that it means support only to our products, not to osclass at all. This also do not include custom developement (if not agreed in other way) of functionalities.

You need to be able to provide URL with your installation in case of any problems. Reason like "running on localhost" will not be accepted as we are not able to check the problem. Also sending screenshots does not help as we can only see problem, but cannot solve it.

Support is delivered via our support forums in following way:

  1. Create new thread in related board
  2. Describe problem as much as you can
  3. Provide guide how to replicate issue, most preferably is on our demo site
  4. Provide links to your site, if you do not want to share it, send it to us in Personal Message (PM)
  5. We will reply as soon as possible

Note that forum is support channel only, we do not expect someone to answer your problems, we will answer each post in short time.

Also note that plugins delivered with our themes are free, only design of them has been changed and we do not provide support to them.

Right to change terms & conditions reserved.

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